As part of business expansion in Singapore and Asia pacific region, Geosmart has joined hands with OYO corporation, a public listed company in Japan, as an investor, strategic partner and major shareholder.

“Handshake of Success: Suresh Kumar – Managing Director, Geosmart International Pte Ltd and Masaru Narita – President, OYO Corp, Japan, mark the Beginning of a Strategic Collaboration”

Suresh Kumar, our esteemed Managing Director, combines his comprehensive knowledge of the industry with exceptional leadership skills. As a strategic visionary, Suresh has successfully guided our organization through periods of growth and transformation. His ability to align business objectives with market opportunities has propelled our company to new heights. Suresh’s strong leadership qualities, business acumen, and passion for driving results have earned him the respect of our team and stakeholders alike. Under his guidance, our organization continues to thrive and reach new milestones.