In the realm of infrastructure development, the successful integration of various teams is paramount. The cross connect training initiative brings together Instrumentation, Soil Investigation, Mining, and Grouting experts. This collaborative endeavour fosters knowledge sharing, enhances communication, and cultivates a multidisciplinary approach, ultimately ensuring seamless coordination and improved project outcomes.

Training Facilitator:

Vinoth Babu, ensures that the cross connect X project teams are well-prepared and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. He takes charge of scheduling and coordinating the regular training sessions, ensuring that they align with the availability of the team members. Vinoth Babu’s attention to detail and efficient management ensure that the training sessions run seamlessly, allowing team members to enhance their expertise and stay updated on the latest practices and techniques.

SOIL INVESTIGATION TRAINING ON 15th APRIL 2023 by Zaw Min Hlaing & team

Zaw Min Hlaing expertise in soil investigation extends beyond his own work. He excels in sharing his knowledge and training others in the intricacies of soil analysis and testing techniques. Through his engaging training sessions, Mr. Zaw equips participants with the skills and understanding required to conduct accurate soil investigations. His commitment to mentorship fosters a knowledgeable and skilled soil investigation team within the company.

GROUTING TRAINING ON 29th APRIL 2023 by Saravanan & team

Saravanan’s expertise in grouting techniques positions him as an exceptional trainer within the company. With a keen eye for detail and a strong focus on best practices, he conducts comprehensive training sessions on cementitious grouting.

INSTRUMENTATION TRAINING ON 06th May 2023 by Navaneetha Krishnan & team

Navaneetha Krishnan’s proficiency in instrumentation shines through his training abilities. Recognized for his clear communication and practical approach, he imparts valuable knowledge to trainees on complex instrumentation systems. Through interactive workshops and hands-on exercises, Navaneetha Krishnan ensures that participants gain a strong grasp of instrumentation principles, empowering them to excel in their roles within the company.

MINING TRAINING ON 13th MAY 2023 by Mahendran Balaji & team

Mahendran Balaji’s vast experience in the mining field makes him a valuable resource for inter-company training sessions. He imparts his extensive knowledge to trainees, providing them with insights into mining processes, equipment, and safety protocols. Balaji’s engaging training style and real-world examples help participants grasp the intricacies of mining operations and foster a efficient training session.